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Pwning Newbs With Mew: A League Cup Tournament Report

Welcome back to the site, Lil' Flexers. As many of you know, my season so far as been extremely underwhelming for my standards. 3 Top 64s, a Top 128, and a Top 256 are all I have to show for the 6 Regionals I've attended this season. Granted, with the return of League Cups and League Challenges, that put me in spitting distance of an invite. But I would still need to get strong finishes at a couple local tournaments combined with a finish at Wisconsin Regionals or NAIC, the final two Majors I'm attending this year.

When I heard there would be a tournament at THE Ohio State University, I made sure to block out that day to compete. It's among the closest League Cups to me, only a 12 minute drive from my house. Back in my college days, I'd sometimes have to travel 3 hours for a Cup. No joke. What was I thinking back then......

In peak form for me this season, I had good intention of trying out a number of decks heading to the tournament. I wanted to get good testing in with Lugia, and Lost Box, but until that point, I had only played in tournaments in the new format with two decks - Gardevoir (which I went 1-2 drop at a Challenge with) and Turbo Mew, which I won a Win-A-Box tournament with. With those two options on the table I mulled over the variety of techs I could play in each of the two decks.

For Gardevoir, I wanted to improve the Lost Box matchup as I expected a number of local players to pick up the deck. Unfortunately, none of my ideas worked out particularly well. Thus, I was leaning toward Mew. I review Pablo's Top 4 EUIC list and there was a lot of things to like. 4 Vacuum was probably the biggest innovation and I absolutely wanted to include that in my list moving forward. What I didn't particularly love about Pablo's list were the auxillery cards that I felt didn't give Mew much of an advantage - Avery and Fan of Waves in particular. Avery seemed good for mirror and Gardevoir, but I felt like mirror was already just a Path to the Peak crapshoot and Gardevoir had been a fine matchup from my testing. Fan of Waves seemed nice in theory for Lugia, but tbh that match is just Path + Judge + Pray. If the Lugia deck ever made it to the mid game with 2 Archeops, the game was more than likely over anyway. Additionally Fan is simply a dead card in most matchups. With that in mind, I tried to maximize consistency with as few frills as possible adding in a 3rd Forest Seal Stone and Trekking Shoes. Here is my list:

You may not like it, but this list is extremely close to optimal (sorry Pablo and other Mew respecters). The third Seal stone is a non-negotiable include from here on out as it not only is the one card that can get you out of any awkward opening hand, but it can be Vacuumed away at any time to create more space in your hand. Incredible card for mirror too! I cut the Skwovet from my last tournament because it felt more like a liability than a strength against Lost Box decks in particular.

With my deck looking strong, I entered the tournament with an unusual peace. Normally, I'm freaking out last minute looking for ways to spice up my deck and make it unique. Today, I didn't. Today was different.

OSU League Cup | 44 Players | Bo1 Swiss | Top 8

Round 1 - Giratina L

This matchup was brutal. I lost the coin flip and my opponent gets rolling with a few Comfeys. I set up an average board, and he pops off with Colress. I try to judge him the next turn, but he rips another Colress. My opponent is able to set up a Giratina but can't get it Active. I see my chance to take advantage. I play a Power Tablet, hoping to make a Boss play on the Giratina. All I need is two more damage modifiers. I draw with Genesect...and hit a Choice Belt! Now all I need is one more Tablet. I dig and dig.... but whiff. I am forced to swing for KO on the active Comfey. At this point, it's possible my opponent doesn't get to 10 to activate Giratina's VStar Attack, but he rips another Colress and sends my Mew VMAX straight to the discard. I am able to KO the Giratina, but he has another waiting to clean up.

At this point, I'm feeling pretty down. I hit a bad matchup early and 2 losses in a tournament this size would mean no chance at a Top 8. I knew I'd have to win out for any hope of advancing.

Round 2 - Gardevoir W

This round was over pretty swiftly as my opponent is unable to get much of a setup. I think his first turn was a Zacian into a Roar of the Sword. I am able to gust Kirlias until I can safely KO Zacians for a quick W.

Round 3 - Turbo Lost Box W

I truly cannot remember a single thing about this match. I guess I was in the optimal head-empty state necessary to play Mew.

Round 4 - Goodra W

Goodra is always a fun matchup. It's favored for Mew, but not by a ton. The Goodra players have sneaky plays, especially if they play 2 Goodra. Ultimately how the matchup should go is the Goodra player will need to put early pressure on with a Goodra VStar. If they can get it Turn 2, that's hard for Mew to respond to and Goodra will probably win. If they don't get Goodra turn 2, they will have to apply pressure with Drapion to protect their Goodras from getting KOd before they are set up. It is here where Mew can take a massive advantage, even while going behind. If the Goodra player uses Drapion to KO a VMAX, then Mew can Roxanne + Path forcing the Goodra player to have a bunch of cards to either win the game with Drapion or simply attack with Goodra.

However, this matchup went nothing like that, in the sense that the trades were not so friendly... He takes an early KO with Drapion. I have to respond with Mew VMAX, but make the decision to use an Ultra Ball to grab another Genesect. As I didn't fill my board on my first turn, my draws had been pretty lackluster. I use my final Fusion Strike System to draw and don't hit a Mew VMAX! In fact, I didn't even find a Path. Ashamed, I have to pass and it's at this point that I think about scooping.

My opponent takes a KO with Drapion to go down to 2 prizes remaining. I build up a Mew, play Roxanne and pray. The one advantage I have is that my opponent doesn't have a Goodra built up. On my next turn, I KO a Goodra with Energy, and find another Boss to take my last 2 prizes. Incredible game.

Round 5 - Lugia W

This is a matchup I'm comfortable with, but not a matchup I enjoy playing. If Lugia can get out of the Path lock AND get two Archeops in the discard, then that's usually all they will need. Fortunately for me, my opponent only finds one Archeops and has to Summoning Star to get a KO.

I survey my options. After another start where I I don't fill my bench, I feel that my only line is to Gust his Archeops and take the KO. I just have to hope he can't go Boss + Boss for game. On his next turn, with Lugia as the only attacker, he has to play Lumineon for Boss to get to 2 prizes. It's at this point that I can win the game with a huge Power Tablet play, but he has a VGuard Energy attached and I have a Tablet Prized. I opt to Roxanne and swing into the Lugia. On his turn, he draws attaches to a benched TTar and... Researches! I live. He swings into Mew, I retreat into a fresh VMAX and take KO and finish with a KO on Tyranitar V. Great game!

Round 6 - Lugia W

At this point, I thought I would be able to ID into cut. I had a 4-1 record and simply needed one more point to guarantee a spot in Top 8. But God decided to make me work and I realize I am the single player with a 4-1 record to get downpaired.

I AGAIN go second, but my opponent cannot capitalize. He leads Lugia and Yveltal, and plays an Incense to grab Archeops. His body language indicates he has a bad hand, but it still is 6 cards and he has an Archeops, so surely I should judge right? My start is not particularly good so a Judge also helps me. I play it. He breathes a sigh of relief. I play Path, use rope to bring up Yveltal and pass. On his turn, he finds a Pumpkaboo and a Research which he plays. Another heads on Incense and he Ultra Balls a single Archeops. Will this be a repeat of round 5? Yes! Only a single Archeops hits the bench from Lugia's Ability, however he doesn't have enough Double Turbo to attack, having discarded two. I see my opening and gust the Archeops, essentially sealing the game and my spot in cut.

TOP 8 - Goodra VStar

Standing are announced and I'm first seed! Great news. Game one was one of the saddest games I've played with Mew. I get a fast lead and go up by three prizes. I literally think to myself, the only way he can win is if he goes double Drapion here. Well, boys and girls, my opponent does just that. He bups my Path with Drapion 1 to even the game. I KO in repsonse and Roxanne. From here, my opponent proceeds to play Nest Ball for Drapion 2, Mirage gate 2 Energy to Drapion, play a Melony to attach a 3rd energy, and attach from hand to MANUALLY POWER UP DRAPION to take his final two prizes. I was shocked, but there was still more Pokemon to be played.

The next two games play out much more in my favor as I'm able to take big KOs at ideal times and keep the Drapions at bay with timely Judges. I run it back on my way to Top 4.

TOP 4 - Lost Zone Box

This matchup is relatively straight-forward if they don't play Drapion AND Sky Seal Stone. Fortunately for me, my opponent didn't play the Sky Seal Stone. I was able in game 1 to take 3 KOs on Vs. He started Raikou for an early two prizes, followed up with Drapion V and then benched a Klara'd Drapion without a Path bump for me to take my final prizes.

Game two, I'm simply able to get a quick setup and overrun with Judges to take KOs left and right. Two solid wins and I'm into the finals.


Finals are against none other than Jesse Parker who I had been sharing lists of Mew with right up to the event. However, we were playing slightly different versions and mine was a little better for mirror with the inclusion of the 3rd Seal Stone to navigate better under Path. An interesting note - we were (to my knowledge) the only two DTE Mew players in the room. I suppose most everyone in my area has written off this deck.

Game 1, I start but have few playable cards. I attach DTE to my lone Active Mew, play Path and pass. I joke and say it's almost like Jesse went first this game. Jesse gets a fine setup and passes back. I take KO on Genesect play a judge and play a few more Pokemon to bench. At this point, I can simply use Boss + Boss for game and I am able to execute that strategy despite Jesse Vacuuming 2 of my Seal Stones. The third came in very clutch!

Game 2, Jesse puts himself in a position to lose the game if I hit my 3 remaining Tablets and a Choice Belt. He opts to grab another Genesect to draw instead of benching a second Mew VMAX. I dig and dig, and hit everything I need surprisingly easily to KO a Mew VMAX and take the crown! A champion at last.

My winnings for this tournament? A Series 1 pack, a sealed box of Silver Tempest and an Alolan Vulpix playmat. Not bad for an afternoon of work.


Mew for being fun.

Jesse and I for making finals.

League Cups for giving a ridiculous amount of points compared to Regionals.

Inching closer to an invite - Now at 280/350!


No more cups at universities :(

Losing my first round AND having to play round 6 for an extra stressful day

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